About Us

Our Mission is to "Think Globally, Perform Locally".

At Globe Interstar AG we will do everything possible in order to obtain mutual goals with clients to foster profitable business relationships. With our help, companies can enter foreign markets without the risks and complexities of direct investment and exporting thus expanding and acquiring new potentials.

Since the very opening, we at Globe Interstar AG have focused on helping western companies to enter the market of import-export activities in the CIS countries, Central Asia and the Middle East. The company was established by highly qualified specialists with long years of substantial experience, knowledge and expertise of local markets.

Headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, Globe Interstar AG has permanent Establishments, affiliated companies and Representative Offices in Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Russia and the Ukraine as well as distribution agents in West Asia.

We provide custom made solutions for:

  • Water and Gas Treatment
  • Oil Production and Refining
  • Engineering
  • Chemicals for Industrial and Mineral Products
  • Catalyst Technologies
  • Agriculture
  • Pumping Technology
  • Information Technology

Beyond that, we offer:

  • Consulting Services about the procedural aspects of Import and Export
  • Management of Operations and Obtaining Licenses.

Local expertise, experience and reliability of Globe Interstar AG have persuaded more than 40 leading European, American, Russian and Japanese companies to grant our company exclusive distribution rights on the markets of the CIS, Central Asia and the Middle East.

If you are looking for reliable global solutions, you are ready to become our partner.