Shurtan Gas Chemical Complex
The largest in Central Asia, provides up to 125 thousand tons polyethylene, 137 tons of liquefied gas annually. We distribute the necessary chemicals for the chemical complex.

Open Joint Stock Company Navoi Azot
It is one of the oldest chemical industrial plants in Uzbekistan. GlobeInterstar AG has been the provider of chemicals for NavoiAzot for many years.

Open Joint Stock Company Ferghana Azot
Cooperation on cotton fertilizers.

GTZ (Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit)
We have a strong cooperation in the areas of insecticides and agrochemicals.

Private Enterprises and Farming Businesses
Supply and consultancy on agrochemicals.

Republican Center on Plant Protection and Agrochemistry
Provision of chemical reagents.


Turkmengas State Concern
Turkmenistan's national gas operator. Globe Interstar is involved in a Gas Treatment Project in Dovletobad and supplies a great variety of process chemicals and other raw materials.

Turkmenbashy Oil Refinery
Situated on the shore of Caspian Sea, the enterprise was fully reconstructed by leading western companies in the mid 1990s. Globe Interstar conducts the PP Plant Service and handles delivery of the catalyst for production of Polypropylene and Polyethylene too.

Turkmengaz State Concern
Provision of chemicals and relevant service.

Rukhabad Pipe Plant
Aplant producing PE, PP, fiberglass, steel wire armored thermoplastic pipes and fittings production. Globe Interstar AG takes care of the maintenance and supply of chemicals and raw materials.

Ministry of Agriculture of Turkmenistan
Supply of agriculture chemicals.


Atyrau Fuel Energy Complex
We supply the complex with chemical reagents and various chemicals.

KazMunaiGas Chemical Complex
We deliver various chemicals.

Ministry of Argiculture
Cooperation on training of specialists and supply of agro-chemicals as well as Export of Wheat, Oil Crops and other agro produces.

Local entrepreneurs and farmers
Supply and consultancy on agrochemicals.


Cherkassy Open Joint Stock Company "Azot"
One of the largest enterprises in the Ukraine producing various chemical products. We deliver chemicals for the ammonia plant.

"Rovno Azot" Joint Stock Company
A plant producing different fertilizers, acids and other chemicals. Globe Interstar AG delivers chemicals for the ammonia plant.